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Small Animal Services

The NC State Veterinary Hospital’s small animal hospital and wellness center is home to a wide range of veterinary specialty services, all staffed by board-certified specialists, residents and interns, and supported by certified veterinary technicians. Having a large number of specialists on one campus allows us to offer the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options to our animal patients including cats, dogs, birds, and exotics.

We are primarily a specialty referral and emergency center and only offer general practice for Avian and Exotic animals.

The VH has two facilities that are here to serve you! Our specialty referral services are located in the Randall B. Terry, Jr. Companion Animal Veterinary Medical Center. Integrative care services for companion animals, and avian and exotic species medicine are located at the Veterinary Health and Wellness Center. A few services at the Veterinary Health and Wellness Center are open to the public and do not need a referral.

Explore our small animal services:

Golden retriever puppy looking guilty from his punishment

Behavioral Medicine

  • No referral needed
  • ph. 919.513.6999
  • Service for dogs & cats
technician pointing at screen


  • Referral recommended
  • ph. 919.513.6694
  • Second opinions accepted


  • No referral needed
  • ph. 919.513.6543
  • Small & Large Animal

Emergency & Triage

  • No referral needed
  • ph. 919.513.6911
  • Open 24/7
man holding chicken

Exotic Animal Medicine

  • No referral needed
  • ph. 919.513.6999
  • After-hours emergency
a young woman and her German Shepherd dog are laying outside in the grass, and she is lovingly hugging and kissing him. VIntage style color.

Family & Community Services

  • No referral needed
  • ph. 919.513.3901
  • Free of charge

Internal Medicine

  • Referral only
  • ph. 919.513.6670
  • Intensive Care Unit
NC State University's Dr. Natasha Olby works with a colleage at the University's College of Veterinary Medicine. Photo by Marc Hall/NC State University


  • Referral only
  • ph. 919.513.6692
  • Neurosurgery specialists


  • Referral only
  • ph. 919.513.6999
  • Weight loss plans
Russian blue cat in box with red blanket


  • Referral only
  • ph. 919.513.6690
  • Chemotherapy


  • Referral only
  • ph. 919.513.6659
  • Small & Large Animal

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Referral only
  • ph. 919.513.6588
  • Emergency appointments

Radiation Oncology

  • Referral only
  • ph. 919.513.6690
  • Advanced therapies

Rehabilitation & Mobility

  • No referral needed
  • ph. 919.513.6999
  • Underwater treadmill


Soft Tissue Surgery

  • Referral only
  • ph. 919.513.6050
  • Oncologic surgery


Reproduction, (Therio)

  • No referral needed
  • ph. 919.513.6999
  • Canine & Equine

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